Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) Report

Closed 23 Nov 2021

Opened 26 Oct 2021


On 22 December 2021, the New Zealand Government is due to submit a Report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (the CERD Committee). The CERD Committee monitors how well New Zealand is implementing the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of New Zealand (CERD).

CERD is the main international human rights treaty dealing with racial discrimination, and it focuses on matters such as addressing race-based discrimination or violence, and condemning ideas of racial superiority or hatred. It requires countries to protect human rights in an equitable way, including rights to health and adequate housing, and freedom of expression.

Read the full text of CERD

In order for the Government to report on how it is addressing these and other forms of racial discrimination, we are interested to hear from groups and the general public. We invite your feedback on New Zealand’s draft Twenty-Third and Twenty-Fourth Report to the CERD Committee.

What is in the report?

The Report has three main functions, which are to:

  • describe new measures adopted by the New Zealand government to give effect to the articles of CERD
  • raise relevant developments since the last report
  • respond to previous recommendations made by the Committee to New Zealand.

Read previous recommendations made by the Committee

Reports are due every two years but are often combined, which is why this Report will cover the period from 2016 to 2021. The draft Report has been written with input from many government agencies on their respective areas of responsibility.

The Report is structured to reflect CERD article by article. The articles cover areas such as housing, education, health and immigration. Many of these areas relate to current Government priorities, such as focusing on equitable outcomes across social services, improving partnerships with Māori, and creating a more inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

What will happen to the Report?

The Government will submit the Report to the CERD Committee by the due date of 22 December 2021. The final Report will be examined by the CERD Committee with a delegation from New Zealand present to answer questions. The review has not yet been scheduled because of COVID delays.

What would we like to hear from you about?

We're interested to hear from you what you think about the draft Report, and how closely the Report reflects, and responds to, the experiences of you and your communities.

We're particularly interested to hear from individuals and groups who experience various forms of racial discrimination, and are interested in your answers to the following questions:

  • Does the Report cover what you see as the most important issues and responses to do with racial discrimination in the last five years in Aotearoa New Zealand?
  • Do you have feedback on specific areas of the Report?
  • What has the government done well in the last five years to address racial discrimination and improve the human rights of ethnic groups in Aotearoa New Zealand?
  • What are the most important areas where the New Zealand Government could improve to address racial discrimination and enable equal enjoyment of human rights?

How to give feedback

Your feedback will help to inform the CERD Report and provide information about how the New Zealand Government is addressing racial discrimination.

Submissions are open from 26 October to 23 November 2021. You can make a submission by:

  • completing this survey
  • posting your feedback to Human Rights, Ministry of Justice, SX10088, Wellington.

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Supporting information

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