Proposed changes to Legal Aid provider contract consultation

Closed 12 Jun 2020

Opened 19 Mar 2020

Results updated 3 Aug 2020




This consultation will remain open until Friday 12 June 2020.

The Ministry of Justice is looking to consult with Legal Aid providers on a proposed variation to the current provider contract.  The majority of the proposed changes are aimed at reducing the administrative burden imposed on providers by the current contract extension, reapproval and cancellation processes.  There are also some general provisions around privacy. 

Each proposed change (apart from some minor wording changes), and reason for change, is outlined in this survey along with an opportunity to provide feedback.

A copy of the proposed contract (the current contract with tracked changes) and the proposed contract variation are included below as Consultation documents for your reference. Contract variations will be distributed to all current Legal Aid providers before the end of the current contract term, subject to feedback from this consultation process.

Note that each page focuses on a theme of change being proposed, rather than the order of the clauses within the contract.

Consultation documents

Provider Contract [PDF, 351KB]

Variation - Contract for Services (Legal Aid) [PDF, 124KB]


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