Complaints and Limited Audits

Closed 30 Aug 2021

Opened 2 Aug 2021


We are seeking feedback on two aspects of the quality assurance framework.

Firstly, we are proposing the implementation of a triage process and a quick action process as a part of our complaints management policy. 

The purpose of the change is to make the process for simple complaints shorter and less burdensome on complainant and provider.

Secondly, we are proposing to increase the amount of limited audits completed each year.

The aim is that all providers will eventually participate in a limited audit. Meeting the limited audit expectations also has a positive impact on the overall risk assessment of the provider for future limited and full audits, making it less likely the provider will be checked again in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your engagement and feedback on this. 

Please provide your feedback before 5pm on 20 August 2021.


  • Legal aid providers


  • Legal aid